Flamingo Polish Car Wax

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DIRECTIONS: Wash and dry car first. Adopt special formula applicator. Apply product using circular motions to one section at one time. Allow to dry to a haze. Wipe off with a clean, soft cloth, turning it frequently.


FOR BEST RESULTS: Avoiding direct sunlight. The car surface should be cool. Use on vinyl tops, metalized plastic trim, decals, flat black paint, simulated wood panels, cracked or crazed paint finishes is not recommended. Formula restores and protects cars, motorcycles, R.V. s, and more.


FOR THE LONGEST-LASTING SHINE AND PROTECTION! Leaves a deep, high-gloss shine. #1 grade carnauba wax bead water up to 12 months Restores all paint finishes to look like new Give your car paint the longest-lasting shine and protection with formula carnauba wax. Formula uses #1 Brazilian carnauba wax, the world’s hardest natural wax that shines and protects up to 12 months. And formulas exclusive micro polishing agents remove scratches and haze to make paint.