Joybond Clay Bar

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Product Name: High Quality Joybond Clay Bar
Clay color: Blue (Medium Duty), Red (Heavy Duty)
Weight: 210g


The Joybond Clay Bar is the only high quality patented of professional detailing clay, Made in Japan. With a proper application, it will effectively and safely remove dust particles, rust, industrial fall-outs, over-sprays, tar spots and other stubborn contaminants without causing any harm to the original paint. It will help to restore the smoothness of the paint surface, to improve the glossiness of the paint and to protect paint surface from corrosion. It is safe to be used on Glass Coating as well. Most of these pollutants are not visible to the eyes but when you run your palm across the paintwork, you will find all these pollutants protruding the surface and has already embedded onto the finish.

Directions for use:
1. After Car is cleaned, apply Shampoo or Water Lubricant on paint surface.
2. Working the clay to the paint surface, rubbing it gently back and forth against the paint, and move from edge to edge of the work area in straight line. You may adjust your finger’s pressure according to how dirty the paint is. Allow the clay to do the work, apply more lubrication if necessary.

Note: If at any stage you drop the clay, please dispose it.